• Replenishing Lip Balm

    Trade Union Supply Co's all-natural lip balm is handcrafted from the finest blend of beeswax, natural oils and butter to protect and moisturize your lips. Infused with peppermint and camphor essential oils to leave a sweet tingly feeling on your lips. 
    0.5 oz. - Ingredients: Beeswax, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Essential Oils, Vitamin E Oil - Handcrafted in North Carolina.
    Application: swipe lip balm with index finger and apply to lips.
    • Shipping Policy

      All goods are blended/brewed to order. We usually ship within 1-2 business days of order placement.

    • Return Policy

      Trade Union Supply Co. is a small batch supplier. All goods are blended/brewed to order to ensure highest quality every time, therefore we must adopt a "no return policy." However, if you do have any issues with your order please send us a message and we'll make it right. Please commit before ordering. We are confident you will love our fine grooming goods as we only source all-natural ingredients that provide essential health benefits.